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Bloomingdale, NY  12913

4424′28″N 745′15″W / 44.40778N 74.0875W / 44.40778; -74.0875


Bloomingdale NY history had a thriving lumbering business until the 20th century.  Bloomingdale's location near Saranac River and the junction of roadways including busy Route 3.   Bloomingdale's history can boast having one of the earliest golf courses in Essex County - the prior Waverly House nine hole golf course.


A G Construction 220 Plank Road Bloomingdale 518-946-2565
Adirondack Feng Shui  788 St. Regis Street Bloomingdale 518-891-4609
Adirondack Rhubarb Traditions 1787 NYS Route 3 Bloomingdale  
Barkeater Autosales Route 3 Bloomingdale 518-891-3841
Bloomin' Market East Main Street Bloomingdale 518-891-1542
Bloomindale Auto Body Route 3 Bloomingdale 518-891-3029
Bloomingdale Bog Bird Area   Bigelow Road Bloomingdale  
Bloomingmarket Gas Station   Bloomingdale  
Church - St. Paul's   Bloomingdale 518-891-0144
Currier Press   Bloomingdale 518-891-0590
Duffy Builders & General Contractor River Road Bloomingdale 518-891-6212
Forever Bridal  St. Regis Ave Bloomingdale 518-891-9005
GaGa's Bar   Bloomingdale 518-891-8024
Good Guy Productions 31 George Downs Road Bloomingdale 518-891-3500
Greenworks Landscaping PO Box 256 Bloomingdale 518-891-2524
Holland's Appliance Repair RR1 Box 52 E Bloomingdale 518-891-3552
Living Sprit Guide Fletcher Farm Road Bloomingdale 518-891-2001
M. Kellam Contracting  22 Moose Pond Lane Bloomingdale 518-304-0080
Mullen's Engine Works Route 3 Bloomingdale 518-891-8141
Norman's Wholesale Grocery Company, Inc. Route 3 Bloomingdale 518-891-1890
Overlook Apartments West Main Street Bloomingdale 518-891-2194
Rok Electric    Bloomingdale 518-891-6011
Sandy Hayes Realty PO Box 288 Bloomingdale 518-524-4343
Saranac River Fishing   Bloomingdale  
Senior Citizens Overlook, Inc. (29 units)   Bloomingdale 518-891-2194
Snicklers Plumbing & Heating   Bloomingdale 518-891-4487
Sounds-n-Sights/Good Guy Productions Roosevelt Ave Bloomingdale 518-891-3500
St. Paul's Church   Bloomingdale 518-891-0144
Ted's Ice Cream   Bloomingdale  
The Bakery 39 Roosevelt Lane Bloomingdale  
Wind Spirit Farm   Bloomingdale 518-891-2001



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