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Burke, NY  12917

4453′23″N 749′34″W


The town was settled prior to 1800 by Zachary Tyler Burke, and named Burke when the town formed in 1844 when it was separated from the Town of Chateaugay.  Almanzo Wilder was thought to be a native of Malone, but actually grew up in Burke.  Burke has hamlets of: Burke Center, Cooks Mills, North Burke, Sun, and Thayers Corners.  Burke is also home to Adirondack Country Homes Realty branch office!


Adirondack Country Homes Realty 113 Flynns  Line Road Burke 518-483-4538
Almanzo Wilderness Farm - Laura Ingalls Wilder Association Route 11 Burke 518-483-1207
Bradley & Kathryn Kent Farm 1002 Covey Town Road Burke  
Burke Farm Supply 1089 County Route 23 Burke 518-483-5090
Burke Town Garage   Burke 518-483-5957
Burke Town Hall   Burke 518-483-5497
Burke United Methodist Church Main Street Burke 518-483-1407
Cook's Sugar Shack 4925 State Route 11 Burke 518-483-4750
Creble Farm 264 Selkirk Road Burke 518-483-4287
Crest Haven Pre-Cast Concrete 4925 State Route 11 Burke 518-483-4750
Flynn's Brook Farm 113 Flynn's Line Road Burke 518-483-4538
Friend Maple Products 402 Spencer Road Burke 518-483-5559
Green Bowl Cabins Mill Road Burke 518-483-1158
Kar Kare 5689 State Route 11 Burke 518-483-0458
Leonard's Cherry Knoll Restaurant 5676 State Route 11 Burke 518-497-6688
Molly's Soft Ice Cream 5676 State Route 11 Burke 518-483-6688
Shipman Family Farm Montgomery/Route 11 Burke 518-483-1071
ThunderCrest Farm 5153 State Route 11 Burke 518-483-6863
U S Post Office Route 11 Burke 518-483-1207
Up North Inspections 252 Montgomery Road Burke 518-353-2421
Wing Song Farm 264 Selkirk Road Burke 518-569-6151









Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc.