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Dickinson Center, NY  12930

4444′54″N 7433′53″W


The proposed name for this town was Annastown, after the daughter of the landowner; but a influential landowner prevailed.  Dickinson was formed from the Town of Malone in 1809; and in 1812 parts of the town were used to form the Town of Bangor.  Later, Moira was born out of Dickinson, as well as the Town of Waverly.   Today, Dickinson Center is 44.3 square miles with Deer River flowing through.  Some of the hamlet names are:  Irish Corner, Alburg, Dickinson and East Dickinson.


Alder Brook Farm 1124 County Route 5 Dickinson Center 518-529-7181
Burky-B Bunny Farm (rabbits only) 87 Health Hill Road Dickerson Center 518-529-6337
Deragon's Maple Products 166 Palmer Road Dickinson Center  
Dickinson Center Florist Concierge   Dickinson Center 518-632-4988
Dickinson Town Highway Department Aiken Road Dickinson Center 518-529-7802
Dickinson Town Office Aiken Road Dickinson Center 518-529-0138
Dickinson Center Volunteer Fire Dept. @ Church Dickinson Center 518-856-9515
Dearm Keeper Ranch 23 Hayes Road Dickinson Center 518-772-3337
Friends of Sculpturing Inc. 677 Port Kent Road Dickinson Center 518-586-9509
Hammill Funeral Home 146 County Route 5 Dickinson Center 518-856-9801
Hill & Dale Restaurant 1210 County Route 5 Dickinson Center 518-529-7121
Hud-Son Forest Equipment 268    
Meacham's Garage 1409 State Route 11 Dickinson Center 518-529-6054
Shady Hill Farm Sheep & Wool 12 Conservation Road Dickinson Center 518-529-6665
Trim's Floral Design & Gifts 147 Louey Road Dickinson Center  

















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