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Duane, NY   12953

4437′59″N 7416′46″W


The Town of Duane was named after James Duane, a developer and grandson of NY City Mayor Duane and founded in 1828 from lands of Malone NY.  Duane's first industry was processing of iron ore and the Meacham Lake Hotel was 'the' tourist spot in the early 20's. Duane now has a tiny population and the folks love it that way.  Duane once had a much larger territory which created Brighton and three townships of Harrietstown.  Some interesting history notes from Ray's History is good read (click here).   Duane enjoys Meacham Lake & Campground, Deer River, Deer River Flow, Clear Pond and a hamlet called Duane Center.



Adirondack Heirloom Treasure 356 Country Route 26 Duane 518-483-4369
Adirondack Rustic Furnishings 11608 State Route 30 Duane 518-483-6255
Clear Pond California Road Duane  
Debar Pond California Road Duane  
Deer River Campsite 123 Deer River Drive Duane Center 518-483-0060
Duane Fire Station 172 County Route26 Duane  
Duane Justice Department 172 County Route 26 Duane 518-483-5646
Duane Town Garage   Duane 518-483-3809
Duane Town Court 148 Old Meacham Road Duane 518-483-0517
Garland Foresters 587 County Route 26 Duane 518-483-1170
Hatch Brook Loop Trail    Duane  
Hays Brook Spur Trail    Duane  
Historical Duane Methodist Church   Duane Center 518-483-9147
Joy Dog Food & Hawkridge Kennels 356 County Route 26 Duane 518-483-4369
Meacham Lake   Duane  
Meacham Lake Trail   Duane  
Meacham Lake Campground 119 State Campground Road Duane 518-891-3449
Park Line General Store & Deli 11721 State Route 30 Duane 518-483-2071
Rhodes Accounting 274 Cold Brook Road Duane 518-483-8447
Shangri-La In the Adirondacks Highway 99 Duane 315-545-6565
Signs & Design 192 County Route 26 Duane 518-483-4768
Tamarack Inn 11590 State Route 30 Duane 518-483-7591