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Ogdensburg, NY  13668


The Iroquoian people were settled in this region back in 1000 CE, and spoke Laurentian.  By the late 16th Century, they disappeared from the St. Lawrence Valley probably due to war by the Mohawk.  In the 17th Century, the Five Nations allied with the Iroquois Confederacy.  European settlement started in mid 17to Century and the New American residences named the village Ogdensburgh after Samuel Ogden (an early landowner).  After incorporation in 1817, the 'h' was dropped.  Ogdensburg history if filled with French, Iroquois, and British during the Seven Year War (i.e. French and Indian War).  Today, it holds over 12,000 residents.


Blevin's Campsite   Ogdensburg 315-393-4484
Dairyland Snowmobile Club 120 Lost Village Road Ogdensburg 315-394-9896
Eel Weir State Park   Ogdensburg 800-465-CAMP
Frederic Remington Art Museum 303 Washington Street Ogdensburg 518-393-2425
Je Sheehan Contracting 5840 State Highway 812 Ogdensburg 518-393-0976
Quality Inn Gran-View   Ogdensburg  
Ramada Inn River Street Ogdensburg 800-649-1721
Ryan's Cabins   Ogdensburg 315-393-2111
Stone Fence Resort & Motel   Ogdensburg  
The Anchordown Motel   Ogdensburg 800-329-7466
The Professors Place   Ogdensburg  
Way Back in B&B   Ogdensburg  
Windjammer Lodge Route 37 Ogdensburg  
Wishing Well Motel   Ogdensburg 315-393-6309





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