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Paul Smiths NY 12970

4426′14″N 7415′10″W


Paul Smith is actually a hamlet of Brighton NY and was named after Paul Smith's Hotel (prior St. Regis House).  It was one of the first wilderness resorts in the Adirondack.  Paul Smith College was built on the site of the hotel and funded from the estate of Smith's son (Phelps).  The college has educated many students in the culinary hospitality arts, as well as natural resources of wildlife sciences.


Adirondack Artisan Catering   Paul Smiths 518-327-3232
Adirondack Center for Writing @ Paul Smith's PO Box 265 Paul Smiths 518-327-6278
Adirondack Park Visitor Interpretive Center Route 30 Paul Smiths 518-327-3000
Adk. Park Visitors Interpretive Centers  Route 30 Paul Smiths  
Camp Forestmere Malone Road Paul Smiths 518-327-3537
Camp Regis - Applejack PO Box 245 Paul Smiths 518-327-3117
Eckert Tree Farm (Maple) 9306 State Route 30 Paul Smiths 518-327-3554
Grass Pond Trail   Paul Smiths  
Hays Brook Trail    Paul Smiths  
Keese Mills - Blue Mtn. Road Trails   Paul Smiths  
Madawaski Flow Blue Mountain Road Paul Smiths  
Meacham Lake Campsite Route 30 Paul Smiths 800-456-CAMP
Northbrook Lodge Route 86 Paul Smiths 518-327-3379
Pat Hendrik Photography 259 State Route 86 Paul Smiths 518-327-3342
Paul Smith's - GORP Paul Smiths
Paul Smiths - Joan Weill Library Route 86 & 30  Paul Smiths 800-421-2605
Paul Smith's College Route 30 & 86 Paul Smiths 800-421-2605
Paul Smiths Farmer's Market on campus Fridays Paul Smiths  
Paul Smiths - White Pine Camp   Paul Smiths 518-327-3030
Rauch-Roberts Camp Spitfire Lake Paul Smiths 518-327-3230
Sheep Meadow Trail Paul Smiths
Slush Pond Horse Trail    Paul Smiths  
Train Brook Forest 242 State Route 86 Paul Smiths 518-327-3747
Train Brook Forge/David Woodward   Paul Smiths 518-327-3747




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