Saint Regis & St. Regis Falls, NY

44° 5950"N   74°  39 04"W


St. Regis Falls is a hamlet of Waverly and overlooks the St. Lawrence River.   and St. Regis is a hamlet in the St. Regis Mohawk Reservation which a is near the Canadian border, and has the St. Regis River and St. Lawrence Seaway.


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  Saint Regis Falls 518-856-9750
Community Bank 1573 State Route 458 Saint Regis Falls 518-856-9360
Deer Valley Trails Restaurant Blue Mountain Road Saint Regis Falls 518-856-9243
Dr. George S. Cook MD 6 North Main Street Saint Regis Falls  
Free Methodist Church of St. Regis Falls 1481 State Route 458 Saint Regis Falls 518-856-9242
St. Regis Falls Adult Center Inc. PO Box 342 Saint Regis Falls  
St. Regis Falls Riverfront Apartments 32 North River Road Saint Regis Falls 866-605-1228
St. Regis Falls Sportsman Club Red Tavern Road   518-856-9810
St. Regis Falls Scenic Campsite PO Box 289 Saint Regis Falls 518-856-9820
St. Regis Central School 92 North Main Street Saint Regis  
St. Regis Volunteer Fire Department PO Box 177 Saint Regis Falls 518-856-9314
The Adirondack Café Main Street Saint Regis Falls 518-856-9298
The Big Three Fishing   Saint Regis  
Waverly Reading Center Main Street Saint Regis Falls 518-856-9720







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