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West Chazy, NY 12992


West Chazy is a hamlet of Chazy.  This region was explored by Samuel de Champlain back in 1609, and the town was settled by Jean Laframboise in 1763 to is credited with apple growing to the region.  Chazy was named in the honor of Lieutenant de Chezy who died in battle with the Iroquois.  In 1804, the town was formed from land of Champlain, and in 1853 some of Chazy land mass was sued to form Altona.  The town has hamlets of Chazy Landing, Sciota, West Chazy and enjoys Long Point, Minnesota Point, Trombley Bay, Monty Bay,  Wool Point, Dunn Bay on beautiful Lake Champlain. 


Adirondack Home Inspectors 98 Brewster Road West Chazy 518-561-7319 
Adirondack Regional Tourism Council 187 South West Chazy 518-846-8016
Andy's Reconditioning 8674 Route 9 West Chazy 518-846-3600
Bechard's Sugar House 61 Sanger Lane West Chazy 518-846-7498
Bob Atwood Maple Syrup 783 O'Neil Road West Chazy 518-493-2722
Bromley's Auto Body & Fender Shop 7013 Route 22 West Chazy 518-561-7148
Brookside Grocery 160 West Church Street West Chazy 518-493-3540
Brow's Sugar House 89 Sugarbush Drive West Chazy 518-493-5683
Bushey's Furniture 2561 Military Turnpike West Chazy 518-563-1396
Charlie's Country Counter 683 O'Neil Road West Chazy 518-493-6182
Conroy's Organics 8173 Route 9 West Chazy 518-562-2333
Country Corner Diner 148 Fiske Road West Chazy 518-499-7035
Coupal's Auto Repair 169 Harvey Road West Chazy 518-493-4643
Crystal Caboose 4 Academy Street West Chazy 518-493-2252
D & D Meats State Route 22 West Chazy 518-493-2300
Duquette Betty Bakery 8871 NY Route 22 West Chazy 518-493-2332
Eager Beaver Stump Grinding  190 Atwood Road West Chazy 518-493-2494
George Whelden Logging 238 Parker Road West Chazy 518-493-2744
Giroux Bryan Excavating & Landscaping 807 Ashley Road West Chazy 518-846-7087
Guma's Restaurant Route 22 West Chazy 518-493-4194
Hanson's Starter Shop 664 Ashley Road West Chazy 518-493-5103
JCEO Head Start 6944 State Route 22 West Chazy 518-561-0671
Jennett's Sugar House 302 Clark Street West Chazy 518-493-6141
Lapier Construction 39 Lovers Lane West Chazy 518-493-2453
M & S Auto Body Shop 9069 Route 22 West Chazy 518-643-2357
McKinley Retreats 388 Stratton Hiil Road West Chazy 518-493-2783
Monty's Bay Campsite 715 Lake Shore Road West Chazy 518-846-7342
Neighborhood Home Inspector, LLC 490 Beartown Road West Chazy 518-593-0642
Noonan's Residential Repair 8248 Route 22 West Chazy 518-493-5999
Otis Feeds 319 Fiske Road West Chazy 518-493-3333
Parker Family Maple Farm & Gifts 1043 Slosson Road West Chazy 518-493-6761
Richard Atwood Maple Products 161 Atwood Road West Chazy 518-493-2677
Sanger Sugar House 137 Stratton Hill Road West Chazy 518-846-7385
Snake Hill Sugar Bush 62 Fiske Road West Chazy 518-493-3946

St. Joseph's Rectory

60 West Church Street

West Chazy


Taylor Auto Repair

2860 Military Turnpike

West Chazy


Tousignant AL

328 West Church Street

West Chazy


Town of Beekmantown

571 Spellman Road

West Chazy


Town of Beekmantown Assessor

1 Laplante Road

West Chazy

518-563-4650 X5

Town of Beekmantown Auditing & Acce Roadounting Office

252 Duquette Road



Town of Beekmantown Dog Control Officer

13 Kelley Road

West Chazy


Town of Beekmantown Fire Department  (non emergency) 

6973 Route 22


Town of Beekmantown Planning Board/

    Code Enforcement

200 O'Neill Road

West Chazy


Town of Beekmantown Supervisor

571 Spellman Road

West Chazy

518-563-4650 X4

Twin Ells Campsites

255 LaPlante Road

West Chazy


Wayne R. LaPier Sugar House

7913 Route 22

West Chazy


Well's Auto & Repair 295 Stratton Hill Road West Chazy 518-483-2886
West Chazy - Dodge Library 9 Route 348 West Chazy 518-493-6131
Wilson's Farm Route 228 & 348 West Chazy 518-493-7171



Adirondack Country Homes Realty Inc.