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    AC0203 - SOLD - 95 acres near Lake Placid, level lot, Blackbrook, NY

    AC0251 - SOLD - building lot in Clinton, NY

    AC0272 - SOLD - 5 +/- acres, level wooded lot in quiet country town near the Canadian border, Mooers, NY

    AC0305 - Off market - hidden village lot in charming Wannakena Village, NY

    AC0342 - Off market - Timber land, large acreage, Chesterfield, NY

    AC0346 - SOLD - acreage bordering State Land, Ellenburg, NY

    AC0416 - 25 acres, across from the falls, Hopkinton, NY

    AC0437 - Assorted commercial/industrial parcels at Fort Montgomery Island Estates, Rouses Point, NY

    AC0460 - W/D -10 wooded acres, Waverly, NY

    AC0465 - SOLD 183 acres w/farm infrastructure, Waverly/St. Regis, NY

    AC0466 - Off Market 19.7 acres near Black River & Moose River in Tug Hill Region, Port Leydon, NY

    AC0480 - Large acreage, Beekmantown, NY

    AC0492 - SOLD  - 5+ acres on the Oswegatchie River, Diana, NY

    AC0493 - Glamping, Bleeker, NY

    AC0497 - W/D - 63 acres w/Little Salmon River in rear, Malone NY



    Auction Details - How Do I Auction My Property?

    AU0115 - SOLD - Off Grid Camp, Pitcairn, NY




    CO0128 - SOLD - campground w/pond and RV sites, Newcomb, NY

    CO0129 - Off market - commercial acreage in Plattsburg, NY - development site

    CO0132 - SOLD - gas Station, Tire Center, Mini Mart and Deli in Chateaugay on Popular Route 11

    CO0134 - Moved - framing business in Plattsburgh

    CO0138 - W/D - 7 unit apartment building in Saranac Lake, NY

    CO0146 - SOLD - three apartments & mini golf in Saranac Lake, NY

    CO0160 - SOLD Gas station, motel units, mini mart and home in Cranberry Lake, NY - near boat launch

    CO0170 - W/D - Motel/PO/Cabin complex in Raybrook, NY

    CO0172 - SOLD, 4 plex Academy Ave, Saranac Lake, NY

    CO0173 - PENDING - 4 plex Bloomingdale Ave, Saranac Lake, NY

    CO0180 - W/D - Gas Station, Chateaguay, NY

    CO0214 - SOLD - Convenience Store or Duplex or ? your choice, Saranac, NY

    CO0216 - SOLD - Lakefront Historical Victorian Apartments, Rouses Point, NY

    CO0242 - School For Sale, well-cared for commercial space available, Cadyville, NY

    CO0245 - Industrial "Food Grade" warehouse for Sale, Chateaugay, NY

    CO0268 - SOLD - 11 plex, Saranac Lake NY

    CO0270 - W/D - Housekeeping lakefront cottages for sale, Inlet, NY


    RE0102 - W/D - Saranac large home with awesome mountain views.

    RE0119 - SOLD - contemporary home in Turin, NY - in the Old Forge Region

    RE0174 - SOLD - tutor home in Saranac, NY - bordering state land with ponds

    RE0195 - SOLD - two-family home (cottage style) in Saranac Lake, NY

    RE0200 - SOLD - village 2 story home with apartment in Lake Placid, NY

    RE0209 - W/D - kid's keeping, Adirondack camp bordered by state land, Waverly, NY

    RE0210 - SOLD - Historical Peter Comstock Home with eight bedrooms, Port Kent, NY

    RE0245 - W/D - "off the Grid" home, Salisbury, NY

    RE0278 - Off market - owner renting - Large family home w/cabin in beautiful Lake Clear, NY

    RE0283 - Off market Contemporary home with 18 acres & barn.  Horses welcome, Rainbow Lake, NY

    RE0286 - SOLD- Two homes for the price of one, Saranac Lake, NY

    RE0332 - Off market -Nice home for family or retirees, 3 bedrooms, in quiet area of town, Tupper Lake, NY

    RE0335 - W/D - across the street from the marina, convenient, Saranac Lake, NY

    RE0339 - SOLD - Village Home with Apartment, Lake Placid, NY

    RE0360 - SOLD - Paul Smith Vacation Contemporary home with Sauna and private pond, Paul Smiths, NY

    RE0382 - SOLD - Family Mobile Home on well cared property, Norwood, NY

    RE0397 - SOLD - Charming home in Fulton County, Stratford, NY

    RE0401 - SOLD - Handy Dandy Fix-it Home, historical Church Rectory, Blackbrook, NY

    RE0407 - Off market - Affordable Bungalow to Enjoy BOTH Lake Placid and Saranac Lake, North Elba, NY

    RE0411 - SOLD - Little "Adirondack Great Camp", 5 bedrooms and very private in Deerwood Trail, Lake Placid, NY

    RE0419 - SOLD - Historical School House, 5 bedrooms, 1 bath, Mooers Forks, NY

    RE0420 - SOLD - family returning, 3 bedroom, 2 bath home, Mooers Forks, NY

    RE0430 - SOLD - Cozy cabin in the woods, Bellmont, NY

    RE0431 - Off Market - Fixer Cabin, Waverly, NY

    RE0441 - SOLD, Starter Historical Home, Plattsburgh, NY

    RE0456 - SOLD - Vintage spacious home w/pond & stream, Cadyville, NY

    RE0476 - SOLD - 100 acre w/home and farm, Hopkinton, NY

    RE0478 - W/D (sold the land) Farmhouse w/barn, Dickerson Center, NY

    RE0479 - SOLD Fix-It Project, three bedroom home, Moria NY

    RE0478 - SOLD - Hobby Farm, Burke, NY

    RE0487 - SOLD - Glamping Camping, etc., Bleeker, NY

    RE0489 - SOLD - 100 acre Farm on White Creek, Gouverneur, NY

    RE0496 - W/D - Village Historical Victorian, Bangor, NY

    RE0501 - SOLD - Northwinds Estate, Moriah NY

    RE0509 - SOLD - Like "NEW" home, Ellenburg, NY

    RE0510 - W/D - Renovated farmhouse, Malone, NY

    RE0523 - SOLD - Retirement or starter home, Jay, NY

    RE0528 - SOLD - Off Grid Camp, Nicholville, NY

    RE0558 - Older home with land for investment - Saranac Lake NY

    RE0560 - 78 acres w/stream, pond and  home, Malone NY

    RE0562 - W/D - 10 private acres with restored colonial home, Merrill NY

    RE0569 - SOLD - 100 acre prior dairy farm, Altona,  NY

    RE0600 - PENDING - Commercial building next to Titus Ski Mountain, Malone, NY




    LF0113 - SOLD - executive home on Rainbow Lake, NY

    LF0114 - SOLD - affordable modular on the shores of Chateaugay Lake, NY

    LF0117 - RENTED - Log cabin on the shores of Lake Flower, Saranac Lake, NY

    LF0122 - SOLD - old style home on Lake Julia in quaint village of Newcomb, NY

    LF0125 - W/D - boat access only log cabin on the shores of Lake Placid, NY

    LF0133 - SOLD -romantic sunsets on Chateaugay Lake, spacious raised ranch, Bellmont, NY

    LF0142 - SOLD Lakefront ranch on the shores of Lake Champlain, Chazy, NY

    LF0143 - SOLD - Simple camp on Cranberry Lake, NY

    LF0147 - Cedar Knoll Log Home Rainbow Lake, 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, lots of amenities, Rainbow Lake, NY

    LF0148 - SOLD - Boat House, marvelous opportunity for "Great Camp" with guest house & garage, Lake Placid, NY

    LF0155 - Great Camp Island Lodge, Silver Lake, NY

    LF0156 - OFF MARKET - Long Lake Cabins, Long Lake, NY

    LF0158 - SOLD Lake Placid Compound, Boat House & Main Home, Lake Placid, NY

    LF0159 - Off market - Long Lake building lot w/cabins and 106' of shoreline, Long Lake, NY

    LF0164 - Off market - Waterfront land only, on Hinckley Reservoir, Russia, NY

    LF0180 - SOLD - 19 acres with 1,000 of waterfront (400 on Augur Lake, 600 on Mud Brook) Chesterfield, NY

    LF0192 - Off market - Lot #4 on beautiful Silver Lake, Blackbrook (Hawkeye), NY

    LF0193 - Off market - Lot #5 on beautiful Silver Lake, Blackbrook (Hawkeye), NY

    LF0284 - SOLD Nifty little camp on Fern Lake,  Blackbrook, NY

    LF0289 - SOLD Lakefront on Goodnow Flow, Newcomb, NY

    LF0295 - Fort Montgomery Historical Fort, once in a lifetime offering, Rouses Point, NY

    LF0313 - SOLD - Rainbow Lake - lakefront custom log home for sale, Rainbow Lake, NY

    LF0318 - SOLD - Eagle Pond - lakefront renovated camp, Duane NY

    LF0319 - Eagle Pond YR Home - lakefront w/2 bedrooms, Duane, NY

    LF0320 - Lakefront lot on Rainbow Lake, NY




    PD0005 - SOLD - camp in St Regis

    PD0010 - SOLD - Fix-It Camp in Lake Clear on stream, Lake Clear, NY





    RF0102 - SOLD  - historical stone home on Saranac River and 44 acres, Saranac, NY

    RF0108 - SOLD - fireman's old camp on 48 acres w/frontage on St. Regis River, Waverly, NY

    RF0117 - off market - Chateaugay Riverfront Home, Chateaugay, NY

    RF0119 - SOLD - Riverfront log home on Scenic Cedar River, Indian Lake, NY

    RF0123 - SOLD - Deer River Farmhouse on 95 acres, Duane, NY

    RF0124 - off market - Riverfront home with vacation apartment, Riverview, NY

    RF0126 - SOLD - Camp "Off Grid" and on the South Creek Flow with 31+ acres, Pitcairn, NY

    RF0127 - SOLD - Land on the Owegatchie River, Pitcairn, NY



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